God’s way!

Satan has deceived the whole world by teaching the Bible his way “IN CONTEXT” 2 Cor 11:15. To have the knowledge of God’s doctrine you must rightly divide the word of truth 2 Tim 2:15 God’s way “OUT OF CONTEXT” precept on precept, line upon line, here a little and there a little Isa 28:9-10.

The Good Tale is God’s true word rightly divided and delivered God’s way!

The proof is in the hearing Acts 3:23.


2 responses to “God’s way!

  1. Teaching Gods word out of context is not sound reasoning, you can make the bible say anything you want if you do that and that is exactly what you are doing. You have deceived yourself to the point where you think you are right in everything and you are defineately not. There are many like you who take the word of God out of context and fit it in to whatever you think and say and thereby deceive others. No one can tell you anything though because you know it all in your eyes, and are so convinced you have blinded yourself, or, maybe God has sent you strong delusion to believe a lie, because what you are teaching is just that, a lie. You can come back and say the same to me but that’s fine. I exspect it. I’m sorry to say Val but your self righteousness and self importance has you fooled as you will find out sooner or later, I hope it’s not too much later.

    • I am told not to strive to save anyone. Christ already did the saving of the whole world. Of myself I know nothing. The Gospel that I was commanded to deliver is only as a witness Matt 24:14 and then the end will come. You will not be able to tell God at your judgment that you were not given an opportunity to hear his true word. Because I tell you the truth you believe it not John 8:45. Consider yourself witnessed to.

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